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Meet the exhibit agency that inspires action, supports your real brand objectives and delivers both memorable and measurable results.

Bringing Brands to Life.

At DesignShop, we're on your team. We provide services that range from building custom displays to planning corporate events. Our specialized services include:

Collaborative. Creative. Resourceful.

With DesignShop, you get a long-term business partner dedicated to inspiring your target audience. It starts with our collaborative process. We work to match your objectives with our signature creativity, dedicated account resources and passion for measurable results. We turn your ideas into functional designs and your plans into successful events.

Providing Brand Support...

At DesignShop, brand support and integrated marketing services go deeper. Brand support means creating graphics, collateral, signage and advertising that reaches your audience on multiple levels, in multiple areas, with multiple mediums. All to ensure that your message is heard, and more importantly, understood.

...and Designs World-Wide. 

Partner with us at our headquarters in Orlando, FL, or work with us globally. Our service area extends from Las Vegas to Europe. So learn more about our design process, or review some of our global case studies. Then call us for help on your next project.



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"You and your team are just wonderful professionals from A to Z and do a superb job. Everything was just fantastic and my thanks for a truly beyond expectations experience by DesignShop. Your professionalism and friendliness is just wonderful. "

Bobby Giangrisostomi, Senior Director of Business DevelopmentCanaveral Port Authority

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