Trade Show Resolutions to Kick-Start a Successful 2018

Trade Show Resolutions to Kick-Start a Successful 2018

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year when we proclaim our resolutions for the year ahead of us and plan how to make this one better than the last. But, have you considered what you'd like to do differently with your trade show program or how you'd like to achieve new goals during this trip around the sun?

This countdown of 2018’s most popular New Year's Trade Show Resolutions is sure to lend some inspiration to you and your exhibit program! And if you commit to them, you'll not only have a more successful year on the show floor, it'll be less stressful as well!

Trade Show Planning & Pre-Show Resolutions

  • I won't procrastinate. I'll gather and extract information from my team earlier in the process and share that intel my trade show supplier from the outset. We'll all benefit from having a better understanding of my company's needs and goals from the start!
  • We'll develop & execute a comprehensive trade show marketing strategy which includes "pre", "at" and "post-show" tasks. Our strategy will serve to fill our booth on show day, promote the event while it's taking place and appropriately follow-up with all leads and contacts we made during the show.
  • We'll leverage social media, email and traditional marketing to  create a pre-show buzz and book appointments prior to the show date.
  • Our company will work with a "one-stop shop"; a trade show partner who can assist with everything from strategy to designing, fabricating, installing & dismantling my exhibit - including the details such as graphic design, creating collateral, and digital content. We'll find a team who can be our trade show partner.

Trade Show Design & Budget Resolutions

  • I'll expect, from our trade show partner, to get the most bang for my buck. I'll provide a firm budget for our trade show event, and in-return expect to be provided with multiple budget friendly solutions.
  • We'll expect our trade show partner to design exhibit solutions for us which keep current with modern trends yet maintain a consistent image within our company's brand guidelines.
  • Our trade show partner will create a flexible, modular trade show exhibit that will be effective in various booth spaces, across multiple venues. We'll have the ability to scale and present different configurations from show to show.
  • The trade show team we partner with will develop new and innovative ways to exhibit and display our products and services through high-impact demonstrations that Attract, Engage, Educate and Nurture our prospects.

On-Site Trade Show Resolutions

  • Our trade show presence will stand out in a crowd by creating a buzz-worthy trade show exhibit experience.
  • We'll maintain our guests attention for longer periods by creating experiences which engage more of the senses.
  • Our trade show program will leverage technology to obtain lead data with customized metrics and follow-up electronic collateral.
  • Special events both in our booth and beyond the exhibit hall will become part of our trade show program. These events will help drive traffic and create emotional, lasting bonds with attendees.

Post-Show Resolutions

  • I'll expect of our trade show partners to help us minimize and be aware of post-show billing, by obtaining estimates up-front. No one likes those types of surprises.
  • We'll have a post-show follow-up meeting with our exhibit house to discuss successes and short comings. Together, we'll devise solutions leading up to our next event.
  • I'll Report R.O.I. / R.O.O. (Return on Objectives) to upper management, including new business development prospects, closed business, and forecasted sales.

While our list of 2018 trade show resolutions might sound like a tall order, they're all completely achievable...this year. The key is finding the right fit for you and your business with a trade show partner you can trust and count on.


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