Sunbelle challenged our team to create a unique look for their exhibit that distinguished them from their competition and represented their brand identity.  The new design was not look like a traditional trade show exhibit. Rather, Sunbelle wanted a look for their trade show display that aligned with and took inspiration from the Pavilion Baltard, a famous produce market in France. As an additional requirement, the entire exhibit needed to be lightweight and install with ease.



Our team designed an exhibit which took on many of the design characteristics of the Pavilion Baltard. The exhibit was skinned with printed fabric to replicate the look and texture of the original landmark and lighting was used to highlight the graphics and shapes of the display. To achieve the goal of being light-weight and easy to install, architectural shapes and elements were created and formed using aluminum and metal components.



For the finished exhibit, our team achieved the look of the Pavilion Baltard, while maintaining and communicating Sunbelle's overall brand. As a result of the redesign, shipping and labor costs were reduced by 20% from that of their previous exhibit. In addition, Sunbelle has won many accolades for the exhibit.


“I enjoy working with everyone at DesignShop (formerly Configurations). They are extremely knowledgeable in all trade show aspects ranging from booth design, development, execution, implementation and storage. I have been fortunate to get to know everyone involved who has worked on our booth. They are problem solvers and always calmly offer a solution when an issue occurs. It is so appreciated that they do not try to execute something that is not in their area of expertise but rather provide research and options about where to go. We exhibit in many different venues, so it is reassuring to know that they are reliable and understand the goals that we are trying to achieve at each show plus they know the venues well which is an advantage. Team member consistency has been crucial as they understand the many nuances involved. In summary, they are professional, communicative, reliable and most importantly a trustworthy partner under a wide variety of circumstances both before, during and after each show.”

- Lori Boym
Sun Belle

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