Themed Environments

Themed Environments: Retail, Corporate and Museum Interiors

Museum exhibits, retail interiors and executive briefing centers (EBCs) share some of the same requirements of the trade show exhibits designed and executed by DesignShop. We leverage years of experience gained in the custom trade show exhibit arena to create masterful museum displays, retail interiors and executive briefing centers.

Themed Environments and Immersive Experiences

DesignShop has a unique blend of talent that allows us to offer a diverse range of services for themed environments and immersive experiences.


Retail point of purchase displays and permanent fixtures are critical keys to generating customer attention, sales and branding opportunities. DesignShop can help design and produce the perfect retail environment for you.


Need an executive briefing center to help convey your products and services to your clients? DesignShop leverages years of custom trade show design experience to create the perfect environment for your success.

GOAA Display Cabinets

Looking to enhance an existing museum display or environment? Creating a new museum display and need an experienced partner for your project? DesignShop can help from design to installation.

Mobile Marketing

Reach large audiences or target special events with cost-effective mobile marketing solutions. Let DesignShop design and wrap your vehicles to create moving billboards that are sure to get noticed.


Midland Radio Corporation
"The team at Design Shop was great, they listened to our story and created a design around my vision for the Midland brand. The finished product was a CES booth that showcased the outdoor lifestyle and adventures that our customers live out each and every day. "

Matt Latendresse, Director of MarketingMidland Radio Corporation

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